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The section between Bråthult and Möllekulla may be the nicest on the entire Helge Å, the river is narrow, shallow and with many bends. The first part goes through a beautiful, open landscape to later go through the lake Låkan. The lake is a grassy bird lake where it is hardly noticeable that you are out on the lake. Låkan is a very interesting bird lake with a good chance to see many different kinds of birds. This also means that paddling through the lake must be done with extreme caution so as not to disturb the bird life. At Låkan the river turns to the north and passes once under the road 120. Just after the bridge there is the opportunity to stay on the west shore at Möllekulla, however, here are not allowed to put up a tent. The distance is about 7 km, while the stretch of road between Bråthult and Möllekulla is about 3 km.