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This route is slightly more difficult than the ones before lake Möckeln, the river is 15-20 m wide and the stream a little stronger. You paddle the first part from Byvärma on the river, then comes into Tornasjön by the dug channel “Kråka kanal” and further into the Skeppshultasjön. In the southeastern part of the lake, Sams Camp is located with a Viking camp. Here you have toilets, rubbish, barbecue and water.
From Sams Camp the river goes on towards Björkö, where there is a resting area to the west of the island. Toilet, barbecue, rubbish containers and wood are available in Björkö. Would you simply like to paddle past, choose the eastern side of the island, it is somewhat easier to come by there.

After Björkö, there are fairly fast rapids, that can be a bit difficult, be extra aware! The route continues through varying landscapes, towards Gustavsfors. Almost at Gustavsfors choose the right part of the river just before the island. Disembark on the western side of the power station, the rest area are on the island with barbecue, rubbish, wood and toilet. In order to facilitate the transport of the canoes back to us, paddle the canoes to the right side of the power plant, by the toilets.
Gustavsfors is an old craft village, with ruins remain today, only the power plant remains. Note that special fishing rules apply in this part of the river.

It is forbidden to paddle in the area after the power plant!