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At Diö badplats the lake Möckeln begins , the lake is known to be erratic and the weather can change quickly. The numerous islands and the depth of the lake, creates high waves in a short period of time, avoid therefore  to paddle in windy weather. The lake has several nature reserves and bird sanctuaries, on most islands, it is forbidden to go ashore during the summer. In nature reserves, it is forbidden to camp.

Paddle straight across the lake, west of the islands Höö and Lång. Note that there are several nature reserves! At Sikarevelns north side is a rest area with barbecue facilities, rubbish and toilet. At Insjön there is a small resting place for 2-3 tents at the parking lots just before Höö, with toilet and rubbish containers. Note the bird sanctuary and nature reserve in Insjön. Would you like to stay classy, you can paddle to Möckelsnäs Mansion on the peninsula’s east side. There is also Linnaeus orangery garden with many beautiful flowers and plants.

Sjöstugans Camping is located in the southernmost part of the lake, note that the canoe checks do not apply here. Check-in is at the reception, except for a small shop there is also a restaurant on site. From the campsite it is about 2 km to Älmhults center.