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From Möllekulla the river runs towards the lake Steningen, in a gentle pace with a varying landscape on both sides. At the lake, the reeds can be a meter high but will disappear more and more the further out on the lake you paddle. Steningen can be somewhat difficult to navigate, therefore, take a heading towards the stone piles from the old quarry that is visible above the trees, this will make it easier to find the exit. At low water, or in strong winds Steningen can be difficult to pass. Steningen is an interesting bird lake and paddling through the lake must be done with extreme caution so as not to disturb the bird life.

The river continues through an old forrest with traces of the old quarry on its western side. After Brännhults gård, you pass under the 23nd road, and is soon at the lake Såganässjön. Paddle past the swim platform and a bit north to the pickup area. Såganäs, probably the nicest rest area along the entire route, is located in an old landscape with cattle grazing in the area. Here you have service building with toilet, kitchen, rubbish, water, indoor barbecue and wood.