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In Ryssby there is an ICA store with a relatively wide range of groceries, in addition there are Ryssby hotel with a fine restaurant. From the launch area in the northern part of the lake, Ryssbysjön you paddle south through the lakes Ryssbysjön, Stensjön and further down on the Helge Å. In the last part of the river, just before Agunnaryd, you have wonderfully meandering paddling in front of you. At the beginning of the river is Brofästet rest area on the eastern shore. After the bridge at Agunnaryd, you have Holmen’s Camp on the right side of the river, just before reaching the lake Agunnarydssjön. Here you have a toilet, water, shelters and barbecue.

In the village Agunnaryd there are Matöppet (a store), about 1.5 km from the rest area. Matöppet also has a café and Internet connection.