Bråthult – Möllekulla

If you want to take a half day and just enjoy a quiet trip on the river, the part between Bråthult and Molle ball perfectly. It is perhaps the nicest part of the whole Helge Å with varying landscapes, abundant bird life and very calm river. To read more about the route, you can do so here.


If you want a longer trip that also is a bit more advanced, you can choose to start early in the morning from Byvärma and paddle to Gustavsfors.DUring this trip you paddle through varied landscapes but with a little more speedy river. There are some easy rapids at the end of the route, but if you never have paddled before, it can be helpful to start with a different route.

Bråthult – Diö

If you want to be out overnight, we recommend starting in Bråthult, paddle past Möllekulla and continue to Såganäs. Såganäs is the finest rest area on the entire route, perfect for evening barbecues, swimming and playing. The next day, you can start early, paddle over to the other side and go on a visit to Linnaeus’s birthplace, Råshult. After a nice garden lunch, you paddle to Diö where we will pick you up.

Välje badplats-Gustavsfors

The most common trip to take, you get to see much of the area and can enjoy several different types of landscapes. Ideal for those who want to relax, go fishing, grilling and just enjoy nature. The advantage of this trip is that it starts easy and gradually becomes a little more difficult to fit even those who have never paddled before. One tip is to go out to Välje badplats in the evening, practice some canoeing on the lake to have a good start for the rest of the trip.

Välje badplats-Sjöstugans Camping

Do you like to fish and prefer to paddle on a big lake, this is the route for you. Here you get significantly more time on the lake and will also directly back to us, you do not need to be picked up. Fishing in the lake Möckeln is very good and many take the opportunity to sleep one night in Sikareveln before they finish their trip with us.


If  you want to paddle in IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad’s home district, this route is for you. You start in the small community Ryssby, paddle down to Agunnaryd and on down to Möckeln. There you can choose whether you want to paddle down to us at Sjöstugans Camping or to Gustavsfors to get a little more time on the river. On the trip are also two shops so it’s a little easier to shop for food compared to other routes.